Thankful Tonight

During high school, a club at my school hosted an event called PostSecret Night and invited all of us prisoners  students to participate.  The concept of PostSecret is to create a handmade post card with a secret on it and mail it into an organization. The organization then anonymously posts them on their website.  The secrets come from all over the world and eventually create this awesome online art project.  Some are funny, some are awkward, and some are serious.  The picture above was taken of the post card I created during my senior year.  I feel like this so perfectly describes the way I aimlessly floated through my high school years maintaining the undeserved image of a "good girl".  Looking back, I did a lot of the right things for the wrong reasons (none of them being my faith).  I came across this picture the other day and was reminded of how much my life has changed since coming to Baylor University.  I found myself overwhelmed with thankfulness for this wonderful school and the advantages of living in a place where so many people know Jesus and hold me accountable to honor him with my choices.  I have been blessed with wise mentors, friends, and family who have poured into me and shown me how I can make my decisions for Him with the purpose of furthering the kingdom.  

  Looking back, I see this incredibly lost little girl.  Today I look into the mirror and see a girl who is still (unfortunately) little, but has much more of the clarity she always desired. At the same time, I am humbled by the realization that any heart can change in such a short span of time.  It is impossible to even fathom how much I have left to learn and I am SO excited for this.  

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  1. Kayla,
    This really touched me. I am going through high school right now and it's great to see this project and it's great results. I love yours and your thoughts on being a "good girl." I am so glad you started blogging again! You're fabulous!
    Love, Shelby