6 Months

I should be studying for my huge Business test, but instead I feel inspired to write about today.  This morning started off as most do- with an alarm.  However, I wouldn't be telling you the whole truth if I didn't mention that it was a fire alarm.  And that I set it off, whoopsi.  Guess who forgot to put water in their oatmeal bowl and popped that sucker in the microwave for 1:30?  Ya, that was me NoRo gals.  Luckily, the alarm only went off in my room and zero residents evacuated.  Also, a police officer was there within a lengthy half an hour to deal with what could have been a fire that burned down the entire building.  It is good to know that Baylor is well prepared in case there is a real emergency sometime soon ;)  

Setting off alarms wasn't the only thing I accomplished today.  Monday, February 18th officially marks six months since my first weekend at Baylor.  The first month of school is a big blur to me (mostly because I try to suppress it) but I'm pretty sure 98% of it was spent wishing I was at home.  However, there are a few things, or people who stand out to me.  This weekend marks six months since the first time I ate at a Texas Ihop, made real friends at school (and kept them, yay!!!), prayed vulnerably out loud with friends, went to a sketchy Waco tattoo parlor, and felt true joy at Baylor.  Now, exactly six months later, HB, someone who is a HUGE part of the home I love so much, finally got to meet the people who have made Waco a second home for me to love. Throughout my time in Texas, I have struggled with the trying to rationalize these two polar-opposite worlds I am living in and it seems so perfect to me that HB's visit would fall on such a significant date. The timing of my two world's colliding is not lost on me and as I said goodbye to my precious friend this afternoon I finally felt my two homes connect.  I am filled with peace.    

Saturday, August 18th 2012

I am amazed by the Lord's plans as I think about how perfectly he orchestrated the events of this day  and led me straight to Hannah, Julia, Michelle, and Lily.  I love y'all in ways that words can't do justice. 
Happy friennaversary!

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