I started blogging for many reasons.  For one, I wanted a way to chronicle my outfits because y'all, there is nothing worse than pulling a Lizze Mcguire (Am I right or am I right?!?).  I also wanted an outlet to just write and have the power to say what was weighing heavily on my heart. Most importantly though, I recognized how much joy I got from looking at the blogs of complete strangers and thought, "Hey, maybe I could do that too..".   The funny thing is I got scared.  So often I have the words and the thoughts so perfectly strung together in my mind.  Then I try to communicate them out loud and I am a hot mess (things often make much more sense inside of my head).  To add to this, I was embarrassed by my lack of grammar skills and didn't want to sound like an airhead.  So, I decided I would stick to really simple things.  Outfits, crafts, and happy moments.  All of which are wonderful.. But not the whole story!  I want to share my most intimate and unfiltered thoughts on here- some funny, some embarrassing, some happy, and some sad.  And hey, maybe I'll even throw some outfits and sparkles in there. I figure if I am going to commit to this whole blog thing, I want to be fa realz.  So to start off I am going to be a little vulnerable.  Anyone who really knows me would probably agree that I do my best to be honest and open (sometimes a bit too open..).  On that note, here are some things I'd like you to know:

1. I'm a liar.  My front door isn't red and never has been.  BUT, one day I seriously hope to live in a small white house with navy blue shutters and a bright red door.

2. I'm a fraud. I'm not from Texas but I plan to use the word "y'all" quite a bit in my writing and daily speech. I figure if I have to deal with this disgusting weather, I might as well get some benefit from living here :)

3. Sometimes I care what people think of me way too much.  This blog will be active as long as I can commit to writing for myself and the people who love me.  The minute I start writing for the satisfaction of other's is the minute I need to reevaluate my motives.

4. I am a follower of Christ.  These exact words may not be in every one of my posts but it is my greatest hope that my words, no matter the subject, will always reflect this.  I grew up surrounded by people who I was afraid to share my faith with.  I separated my worlds and kept one part of my life hidden from those who didn't want to hear about it.  Since coming to Baylor, I can't separate the two.  There is no longer a distinction because Jesus IS my life.

I want anyone who comes across this page to see the real world of the girl behind the door (regardless of its color)!  I'll do my absolute best to keep this home of mine clean, but sometimes things will get messy.  Either way, if you knock on my door, I promise to always welcome you in.   

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